Submitting to PHRASE

Fiction & Nonfiction:

We accept work of all length, shape, size, and timbre. For work over 5000 words, submit away, but know that it gets sorted into a separate 'Longer Works' folder that may take us a while to get to. We are a rag-and-bone operation and need to set aside extra time to read longer works.


Send up to five poems at a time in a single file. If one or more of these poems are accepted elsewhere before you hear from us, send us a note informing us of this fact.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, encouraged, and really the only way you should be submitting if you plan on being published.

We never charge reading fees and basically think it should be illegal. If you have enough money to pay for your creative submissions, please go buy someone in need a slice of pizza right now, then come back and send us your work.

We ask for first print and electronic rights. Copyright reverts to the author upon publication. We ask that if/when you publish these works elsewhere you mention that they were published here first.